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Florencia Vazquez
Co-Founder & Event Sales Director

With a background in Visual Arts and interior design, Florencia’s transition into the world of food and hospitality was a deliberate choice driven by her passion. Following her initial focus on contemporary painting, Florencia’s love for food and hospitality led her to explore various corners of the globe, where she gained invaluable experience in restaurants and 5-star hotels.
Drawing from her diverse experiences, Florencia seamlessly blends her artistic sensibilities with her keen understanding of hospitality management. Together with her husband Clayton, they form a dynamic duo at the helm of CHAPA Sydney, driving the business forward with their combined expertise and dedication.

Known for her friendly and kind personality, Florencia approaches each client interaction with genuine care and attention to detail. Whether orchestrating a corporate function, a birthday party, or a dream wedding, she sets the scene for success.

At CHAPA Sydney, she plays a pivotal role in overseeing customer relations and daily operations, ensuring that every aspect of service and product delivery exceeds expectations.

Clayton DeBattista
Co-Owner and Executive Chef

Clayton brings a wealth of culinary expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to redefine event catering. His journey began with a profound realisation: the food and experiences he cherished from his favourite restaurants were absent in the Sydney event landscape. Determined to fill this gap, Clayton and his wife Flor founded Chapa.

Prior to Chapa, Clayton honed his skills at renowned establishments such as Porteño and The Caterer, developing a keen understanding of culinary craftsmanship and hospitality. His passion for the culinary arts led him to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Management from Torrens University Australia.

With a thirst for adventure, Clayton immersed himself in diverse cultures and cuisines around the world for four years. This transformative experience broadened his culinary horizons and provided invaluable insights into the rich tapestry of global cuisine.
Today, as the driving force behind Chapa, Clayton blends his culinary expertise with entrepreneurial acumen to redefine event catering. His unwavering dedication ensures every Chapa event is extraordinary. Clients praise his warmth and passion, noting how his enthusiastic approach elevates every dish with cheer.

Gonzalo Reyes
Sous Chef

Hailing from the vibrant culinary scene of Chile, Gonzalo Reyes brings a unique flair to the kitchen as our Sous Chef. With a passion for culinary exploration, Gonzalo embarked on a transformative journey to Japan, immersing himself in the rich tapestry of Japanese cuisine.

Trained in gastronomy school in Chile, Gonzalo honed his skills and refined his palate under the guidance of seasoned chefs. Today, he serves as the backbone of our kitchen, ensuring that every dish is executed to perfection with his meticulous attention to detail and positive attitude.

Gonzalo’s creativity shines as he brings refreshing ideas to every event brief, enriching the culinary expertise of Chapa for every client.

Gonzalo’s unwavering dedication and attention to detail make him an indispensable asset to our team. His colleagues often remark, “We don’t know what we would do without him.”

Godwin DeBattista
Innovator and Outdoor Cooking Enthusiast

Godwin Debattista is the creative mind behind the iconic outdoor open-fire BBQ dome that has become synonymous with Chapa. With a diverse background in engineering, Godwin began his trade at the age of 24 and has dedicated 42 years to mastering the craft.

His expertise extends beyond engineering, encompassing architectural and design work for feature steel structures, including staircases, building ornaments, and various types of balustrades.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Godwin finds joy in a diverse array of hobbies, including pottery, fishing, camping, and steel artwork. With three steel BBQs, a wood-fire oven, and a wood-fire spit roast built by his own hands in his home, Godwin possesses an innate understanding of design and construction, ensuring that each creation is both functional and finely crafted.

Godwin’s innovative spirit and dedication to his craft have positively shaped the experience our clients have with our outdoor food-theatre service.

Chris “The Event Setup Maestro” Muldoon
Master of Outdoor Food-Theatre Setup

Bringing his enthusiasm and expertise to Chapa since April 2022, Chris Muldoon is the indispensable asset behind the seamless setup and pack-down of our outdoor food-theatre and open-fire events.

For Chris, the excitement of setting up big events, traveling to scenic places, and meeting new people is what makes his role truly fulfilling. The active nature of his work keeps him fit, which perfectly complements his love for martial arts, exercise, and DIY building projects, including furniture making and renovating camper-vans.

With a background in construction work, Chris’s knack for hands-on projects and attention to detail ensures that every event setup is executed flawlessly.

A devotee of Korean BBQ, Chris enjoys food on the go, making sure to get back on the road and deliver the Chapa experience directly to our clients’ events

Allison Sorensen
Internal Accountant

Joining our team in 2021, Allison Sorensen brings two decades of diverse accounting experience to her role as Internal Accountant. With a proven track record across various industries, Allison’s expertise in financial management is matched only by her passion for precision and detail.

Outside of the office, Allison is a passionate foodie! Whether she’s indulging in fine dining experiences or creating culinary delights in her own kitchen, her love for food shines through. This appreciation for food and its culture makes Allison the perfect fit for Chapa, where every aspect of our business revolves around creating unforgettable culinary experiences.

Allison plays a vital role in maintaining the financial health of our organisation, and her expertise and commitment make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Organise your next event with CHAPA Sydney. We’ll imagine, create and serve the food.

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